The only way to win at Tinder, as a young man?

So, I am becoming convinced this is really the only way to use Tinder as advertised when you are a guy. You must look something like this guy.
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I'm not even joking. And that's okay. And while some of you might disagree (it's a question after all) or get really down about this because you don't look like that -- well, guess what. That's dumb because you could. Everybody starts somewhere...
Any guy can with the right level of hardwork, money for food, and commitment plus determination. If you aren't in a gym now, you're wasting your time. Just my opinion.

I previously compared facial asthetics in Tinder social experiments to see if better looking guys got more matches. They do, but not a lot and probably not from girls who just want to fuck immediately. And that's what we want, right? (Of course).

So, I think this really does settle it. This is the trick to get what you want when you sign up for Tinder, in my opinion. The rest need not apply.

What do you think?
The only way to win at Tinder, as a young man?
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