Tinder boy advice?

I’ve been talking to this guy I met on tinder since the beginning of February. In the past he’s had a habit of leaving me on delivered while his snap score had been climbing (his snap is also super high like 500k+). Another thing to note is that he lives over an hour away and goes to another school. All my friends told me he may have 1000 hoes and to stop trying because he’s not interested, but he’s told me that he hates dating apps usually and that he never approaches girls/girls don’t approach him because he thinks he looks unapproachable. Also, what made me doubt this was I just FaceTimed him last weekend - we talked for 4.5 hours from 12 am to 4:30 am. The thing is FaceTiming late at night could have been an easy out for him if he wasn’t feeling a connection and didn’t have interest in general - he could have ended it much earlier by saying he was tired but I actually felt like it was easy to talk to him and we were vibing. Towards the end he kept asking me whether there was anything else I wanted to know (on the topic we had been talking about), instead of just saying he’s tired and was going to leave. Recently though, he’s been leaving me on delivered for awhile again. Do I double text and reiterate my in person availability? I know everyone may still be thinking he doesn’t have interest in actually meeting, but I want to give him the benefit of the doubt. I genuinely think it’s because of the distance, so I’m wondering how to get out of this initial stage of someone being unsure of whether they should commit their time to someone they’ve never met. He did mention meeting and hypothetical situations of what we’d do on the call and has talked about this via text even before, I honestly just think it’s difficult to get him to plan things with a random person so I’m not sure how to proceed. I at least think it’s worth it and want to continue trying, but I’d like to get some opinions :)
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Another important detail is that he’s told me he’s met some really weird people through dating apps, both on calls and in person. He said it’s a long story when I asked and he would tell me all about it later, so I honestly think another thing holding him back is that. Which I understand but I feel like I’m not weird, I just want a genuine relationship and connection to someone so maybe he’s hesitant because of this as well.
Tinder boy advice?
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