My boyfriend wants me to cheat on him, why does he want me too?

Hi, so recently my boyfriend has wanted me to cheat on him. This isn't a fantasy of his or something that turns him on, we had a little argument about lack of sex and affection, im a big giver of both, but him on the other hand isn't. He can go weeks without touching me. I did communicate with him about the issue, but have since dropped it. As it won't make me get sex any time soon, so recently my mum had gone away and I've been left to pet sit and look after my pets, he said something about if i have a guy over, he will understand why and what its for and saying that i want sex and need it and he isn't giving it to me and understands if i go and get it off someone else. I haven't even messaged another guy or asked anyone for anything, because i have no intentions on cheating on him. He asked me again was anyone staying, when i said “no”, he didn't seemed convinced. So i went around and took photos of the rooms in my house to prove it. He then replied “cool, i was wondering. I wouldn't care if there was someone there”. He wants me to cheat on him and i told him that im not, but more importantly is i want to know why he wants me too?
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He broke up with me because he told me that he doesn't have the time to deal with me or give me attention anymore
My boyfriend wants me to cheat on him, why does he want me too?
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