How to make a pisces man jealous?

So.. it goes back a year ago. I met this guy that seems to be a great guy, but i think we started all wrong. We meet to a place to my hometown that it is called cinema apartment, we started to talk and laugh and i think he kind of enjoyed me, but we started to kiss even thought there was moments that I’ve stopped because I didn't want to have sex, but we ended having it. He said to me to sleep that night but I didn’t want to. Then i think i gave him signs (wrong signs) that i want just to have sex, but after a couple of months i said to him that i dont want this. He said to me that we are a lot different like I am a holy other universe and so is he (i did understand like we can not be together). But now constantly he is writing me, even that i’ve said to him please stop it, and didn’t go out to see him for like 4 months he is writing me. Tonight I said to him that I have a dinner date (i’ve literally lied). He just said to me ok have a great time. I do not understand, everytime that i ask him why do you write me why me, he says i like you but he doesn’t offer to go out with me or something. How can i make him jealous? He is very weird person, and i think he is a lot like his horoscope sign, pisces!!
How to make a pisces man jealous?
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