He says he wants to take things slow?

I've been going out with one guy for like 7 times. The first 5 time we didn't have any sort of body contact was just getting food or hanging out, and he did say he wants to take things slow. Everytime we hung out its a bit rushed due to different schedules. We flirt a bit online but that's all. I do like him a lot and thought we will finally making progress as he asked me to come to his place in couple days to hang out.

One day before work, I was hanging out with a male friend, it was just friend and not a date or anything but he saw it and texted me about it. He didn't say much just said he saw me but won't bother me. I explained it to him it was just a friend but he only says if I wanna do "that sort of things" it's not his business because we don't know each other that well yet.

On the day we stick to the original plan to his place, we finally made out (he kissed me) and was about to do more. I stopped cause I thought he wanted to take things slow. After that, he's been a bit distant and not making as much effort as before. I thought it was because of what happened between us but later he told me something bad happened in his life and explained what happened, so it actually wasn't me at all.

Yesterday I went to his place while he told me what was going on with his life then we went to bed, I kissed him, we did everything, oral etc. But the last second he insisted that we should wait so it's more special. We're both over 25. I am very confused now. As he also isn't making as much effort to ask me out or talking to me. (reply slower, doesn't text first, doesn't say as much sweet things) I don't know if it was because of his personal affairs or he's not feeling it with me. It's been 7 times if I'm friend zone I kinda wanna know and move on before I catch more feelings.
He says he wants to take things slow?
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