He says he doesn’t want a relationship, but he treats me as his girlfriend. Is he just playing with me?

I met this guy two months ago and we are seeing each other pretty regularly.
He told me he doesn’t want to date me seriously because he had a bad break up, but he cares about me and he likes me. He’s been cheated on and he is shy, I can understand why he feels so insecure.
He was worried I wanted him just for sex, but now he believes to my words about me liking him.
He doesn’t want to get serious with me and he looks scared every time I talk about feelings or I tell him that I like him. He try avoid this kind of talking. Plus, he thought he was going to move pretty soon and he told me that he tried to stop seeing me, but he just couldn’t because he likes me. He won’t move in the end, and this made everything more relaxed.
I tried to take some distance since I am not the girlfriend, but then he told me “I don’t want to date or sleep with anybody else, so I hope that for you is the same”.
He cares about how I am, he likes to share the every day things with me, but he makes me insecure since he doesn’t want to date me properly.
There said, he doesn’t have any king of problem with walking with my arm under his to his work place of mine. He is nice and friendly with all my friends and his friends know about me.
I catched him so many times staring at me when he thinks that I am not looking.
I am staying so much at his place, sometimes we don’t even do the same thing, each of us takes care of work stuff or personal hobbies. We just like to share the same space.
More than once we met just to sleep together and not to have sex. We cuddle A LOT and we play a lot in bed. I really feel like doing couple stuff under the blankets and this makes me confused.
I want to give him some more time, because it’s been two months, but at the same time I don’t want to be used or dumped at some point when something better comes in the picture.
It really looks like he wants to be with me, but that he doesn’t want any kind of potential headache or responsibilities.
What should I do?
He says he doesn’t want a relationship, but he treats me as his girlfriend. Is he just playing with me?
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