One night stand with a guy friend advice?

Had sex the other night with a guy friend I’ve sexted with for like a year now off and on. He’s always claimed to “not be into me, I’m not his type, etc” so okay whatever. Well we ended up having sex, 3 times and I gave him two “incredible blowjobs” as he put it. He told me he was surprised because most women he has been with don’t really do what he likes, but I did things he enjoyed and he didn’t have to tell me, correct me, etc. so basically, sex was amazing to my knowledge. I’ll be honest, he stared into my eyes a ton and smiled a lot for someone who isn’t into me even slightly. What gives? Usually this doesn’t happen but I don’t have a lot of one night stands either.
What I wanna know is who should text first? It’s been two days. Not sure about relationships or commitments but it’s not like we’ll never see each other again. But is it bad if a girl texts first?
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Should a girl message first is what I’m asking
One night stand with a guy friend advice?
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