Guy friend advice?

So, quick back story, my best guy friend of 12 years basically stopped talking to me last year. Long story short, I talked to him before the pandemic began, and then would try to connect with him every so often, and nothing. I finally reached out to him two and a half months later and basically said ‘okay, what’s going on?’ He finally told me he’s prepping for a new job, has a serious girlfriend and will he moving. I asked him if he was going to tell me all this, he said ‘of course.’ And then I replied (looking back, I should’ve cooled off a bit before responding, but I’m human and was emotional as I care so much about him since we’ve known each other so long.) but I was like ‘when, after you’ve moved? I’m hurt and teary, would you have told me if I didn’t reach out? etc.’ and tried to also send a couple of voice messages to explain myself better as I feel like texting can be misleading sometimes, and he blocked me after.

We never dated, I think we did have chemistry though — and others saw it right away when we would be together, like they’d say how are you not dating? We’ve been through a ton together, (deaths, cancer, moving colleges, etc.) and he is engaged after seeing a girl for maybe 6 months and they saw each other like 3 times in person (told via a mutual friend) as they live across the country from each other (they met online). Anyway, he has dated before and we’ve never had an issue, which is why I can’t figure out why he blocked me and just wouldn’t tell me all this. I even found a birthday card recently from him that was a couple years ago that said ‘thank you so much for always being there for me. You’re the best. Let’s have an awesome night!’ My friends think he did have feelings there and blocked me so I’d be off his mind.

Just curious to get an outside perspective on this, as I still do have tough days where I miss him!
Guy friend advice?
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