Why do guys always unmatch with me almost immidately after our hookup?

You will probably say that he deleted his tinder or whatever or to forget about him. I thought the same the first time I got unmatched after our hookup! Then my next date did it and then the next one after him. It's just like 'wtf?' we had a good time so why does this always have to happen? I'm scared after I meet someone they'll just stop talking to me for no reason which makes no f***ing sense. It's either them unmatching me or Tinder is deleting my matches. What annoys me the most is that they tell me how beautiful and hot I am and how they "can't wait to meet".

So why are guys so full of bull s**t that they think dating is a game? What happened to feeling and emotions? How do you suppress your human feelings when jerks like this do this f***boi s**t? Tbh I don't give two sh**s for these loosers as their the ones that are missing out on me and the other coutless other girls that face this b. s. I just think unmatching is a double sword that 1 can be used to block creeps, weirdos etc 2 can also be used against you. Even when I take the convo over to SC it comes up with 'pending for (f***wit) to accept your friend request after he already added you. So this isn't exclusive to Tinder.

Also you talk to them for ages and get to know them and then they do this. Seriously they are retarded as I'm not always looking for a relationship, all I want is not to have a hookup that only last not even one night. What are they scared of developing feelings? You know who I think the real 'pussies' are? It's MEN well not all MEN just some of ya are f***ing emotionless wanna treat me like a object kind of MEN!
So if some guy out there can tell me why are guys doing this? And when will it stop? That will be good as I'm so close to deleting Tinder. I also think Tinder doesn't want people to connect emotionally which it is completely fucked up as I mean it's a dating app so can't we have something that focuses on emotions rather than just sex? Why does tinder have to be superficial?
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I need to reword this question: Why do guys always unmatch with me almost immidately after our meetup?
Why do guys always unmatch with me almost immidately after our hookup?
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