Do guys wait for the girl to text/call them first?

i am texting someone that I am interested in... but I am usually texting him first... so lately, I have been backing off a bit.. but he hasn't been texting. does that mean he doesn't care really or does it possibly mean that he is waiting for me to text him again? I need a guys opinion on this!


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  • well all depends on how much he texts u, if its him who has been texting you a lot he might just be having a break from appearing clingy, and he might think your doing the same. if its only been a cpl of days I wouldn't worry as you don't want to appear clingy either. us guys just don't just stop thinking about a girl because we don't text them, if he is interested in you he is probs thinking about you and what your doing...if I was you id leave it a few more days then if no texts, say something like, "where you been hiding stranger?" something light that won't scare or pressure him away...i don't have the answer...only advice..hope it helps


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  • Depends on the guy, but a lot of them like when the girl texts them first. If you've backed off from texting him for a few days then continue to do so, and just give it time until he texts you. If he's interested in you, he will eventually text you. He might be waiting for a text from you, but you can make him wait and then he'll have to text you if he wants to really talk to you.

    • how long would I have to wait? what if he does not text me, do I text him?

    • I'd wait like 2 days. No doubt it's going to be hard not texting him, I know it'd be hard for me. If he doesn't end up texting you, then try texting him. If he didn't text you within those two days, I guess he's not as interested as you may think he is, but if he is totally interested he should be texting you within the two days.