Why friend ghosted me after asking her out?

I've known this woman for almost three years. We work near each other and bump into each other a lot. We would help each other with work related stuff and when we saw each other, we would chat a bit, sometimes flirty, sometimes not.

A month ago, I ask her out. She agrees but is going out of town. When she gets back, I send her a quick text just to see how she is doing. It's been almost a week and no response.

I am not upset that she did not want to date me. I am more upset that she ghosted me when I considered her a friend and believed she felt the same. It's not like we were Tinder matches that went out on one awful date. We were friendly for almost three years and work in similar areas.

Well, she changed work locations so I won't see her as frequently, but there is still a chance I will bump into her once or twice a year. I don't plan on being friendly with her anymore, but treat her as any other acquaintance I barely know.

I am just upset to learn that she thought so little of me that she thought it was okay to ghost me.
Why friend ghosted me after asking her out?
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