Why is my friends with benefits so adamant in coming to my house and spending the night?

So i have this friends with benefits situation, Today i tell him I wanna meet up he’s fine with it, so it’s set. I later ask if we can change the time since I have to get up early the next day so he tries to cancel. I insist I want to come over but he says I’ll just find something else to do then. I persist then he says “I didn’t want to come to my house and get together anyways so it works, you never offer for me to come over”. I tell him I don’t because it doesn’t feel right, I want someone that I have something more with to come over. So then he tells me he has a girl that wants to go on a date with him not just sex so I’m gonna take up her offer and take her on a cute date. I get upset I don't know why he even said that, I don’t need to know this? he says all you ask for is sex she actually wants to go on a date with me. I tell him we can do that along with sex then he says we can’t be together but I should ask him on a date but nothing more so he’ll cancel with her and come to my house if I don’t flake I tell him not to cancel with her because who knows it may turn into something special, we’re just fucking. Then he says he didn’t cancel but ok there was never a date but okay.. then tries to act like he did not just say that and at this point I’m done and tell him he’s confusing so he says have a good night. I didn’t respond so he kept texting and I ask what he wants then he says “nothing lol” So I’m just like, you could have been here but you’re confusing me you can still come tho, but he says he’s going to bed and to have a good night. At this point I’m just like fine, then he says he wants my mouth on his dick. Wtf he could have been over here, but in reality I don’t want him over, what’s the problem with just being at his house and I leave but he always wants to come to my house and make it a sleep over type thing. I don’t get it friends with benefits don’t do this. Why is it so complicated. Shouldn’t he just want me to do a quickie and leave? How do I change this?
Why is my friends with benefits so adamant in coming to my house and spending the night?
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