How to know... If a guy does have feelings for you, but he dont want to reveal it yet?

Hi.. few months ago, i have confess to a guy, that i have feelings for him and i like him. He replied to me that, he is not ready to be in a relationship with anybody yet but have no problem if we become friend 1st. I accept his reason and i did tell him that, even thou we are friend, but i maybe still care about him. I haven't have the chance to meet him yet, as he works far out of the country, but i do send messages to him once in a while, bcause i dont want to loose connection with him. I have this sense, from what i see from what he post on Facebook.. Sometimes, he will post the kind of similar topic as i am, and using kind of the same words or caption when he post a video or status. Its kind of warm my heart a bit.. lol, thou i dont know what is the meaning of it. And sometimes, when i send him a text message of encouragement or just random funny video, sometimes he will reply me back and smtimes not.. I do feel sad if he didn't reply, but i just keep being positive and act normal.. And there this one time, he post a status on Facebook, kind of roughly telling that, the period of when he will be ready to get into smthing.. When i read his status, i can strongly sense and feel that it is about when he will be ready to get into a relationship. And, the last dilema that got me a little bit sad lately is, i did sent to him an encouragement text message.. He did read it, but he didn't reply it, not even a thank you.. But, i am not mad, just a bit sad.

My Question is:
1. Will you reveal to someone that have confessed they like you, about when you will into a relationship? and why..

2. If you have, let say even a little feelings for a person, will you ignore their text message or not even saying a thank you.

Thank you all, for taking your time into reading my question.. and helping me through your opinion.. I appreciate it so much.
I am so sorry.. for the long text.
Thank you again, and God bless.
How to know... If a guy does have feelings for you, but he dont want to reveal it yet?
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