Did his depression make him push me away or was it because of me and will he come ever back?

I’ve been seeing this guy for 8 months, we always said nothing serious but we’ll see how things go, we both didn’t want to sleep with other people. 5 months in I told him I had feelings for him I was prepared for him to end it, he’s ended with nearly every girl since his last relationship if they caught feelings so he wouldn’t lead them on but then a couple of days after he said he felt the same and I make him really happy, he really likes me and he feels really lucky. He’s always complimented me. We become a lot more like a couple, started to plan dates which he previously said we shouldn’t so he wouldn’t lead me on. He’s been off work for 3 months with anxiety & depression when he first went off he still saw me regularly, was quite social but he said I was the only thing making him happy. The last time I saw him 2 months ago everything was great. He said he was thinking of asking me to be his girlfriend the last time I stayed at his but he doesn’t think it’s the right time & it’s better to wait til he’s better so he can treat me right. He started on stronger meds the next day and he changed about 5 days after he was really negative about our relationship, he was really anxious and stopped going out. He kept trying to end things but I wouldn’t let him because I know how happy we were and how good things were but he kept contradicting everything. He ended up drunk messaging me NYD saying he wants to give this a go being together and I make him really happy then later he said he loved me and the last time he loved someone he got hurt so he was scared of his feelings & he apologised for everything he’d been saying. The next day he said he doesn’t know why he said all of that. He’s said he’s really insecure and he’s been hurt in the past. he's been positive/negative in this 2 months, he told his mum about me, said he loves me, wants to be with me then contradicts himself. We ended 2 weeks ago, i hope he realise we are good together and contacts me, I’m just waiting.
Did his depression make him push me away or was it because of me and will he come ever back?
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