Was she testing my confidence, or ghosting me? Also, if she was testing me, how do I pass her test?

About a month and a half ago, I was talking to this one lady off Hinge. At first, it was going really well, I got her number, and she even agreed to a date with me. On a Saturday night, we were going to this pizzeria I had never tried before. I mention that because at that time, my phone was having really bad problems with re-starting itself. I was able to see one of her messages that day saying she had to cancel, and before I was able to respond fully to that, my stupid phone re-started itself. I decide to use my laptop and message her on Facebook telling her the situation. I didn't get a response there. I didn't want her to think I was mad about her having to cancel, that wasn't a problem at all. I fully understood that. The Tuesday after that, I was able to get a new phone thanks to insurance, and she didn't respond to my Facebook message, or anything on Hinge. I have no idea if she sent anymore texts during that time. I fully tell her the situation there, and I try to work something else out. No response. I try to be patient and give it a few days, but still silent on her part. I've been supposedly ghosted plenty of times on dating sites before, so at the time, I figured she was just being one of those people. I'm pissed about this, and I send her an angry response telling her she was being very rude for judging me about what happened, and that she didn't deserve me after that. She does respond to that, saying I'm too controlling and insecure. Of course, I never intended to be either of those things. I respond once more, but she removes me from messaging on there. I started thinking about that recently, and maybe she was trying to test my confidence before she went out with me and I failed her test. What do you think? Was she testing me? Ghosting me? If a woman keeps me connected on Hinge, but goes silent, how do I handle that?
Was she testing my confidence, or ghosting me? Also, if she was testing me, how do I pass her test?
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