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Does it sound like men are repulsed by me?

I’m in my mid twenties and have never had a real relationship. I’ve only slept with one guy and we had a thing, it was intended to be long-term but we decided to be friends instead. I’ve lost weight, so I’ve been skinny and chubby. Regardless of my weight, I don’t notice a difference in the attention that I receive. I’m told I’m cute/pretty, not only by friends/family. The guys I find attractive (I only speak to people through apps) are only wanting sex/ghost/have bad personalities. And the ones I don’t find attractive are always all over me. I no longer have expectations when it comes to dating, I really feel like there’s something terribly wrong with me.
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17 d
I will add to the guy that I said I was “dating”. We saw each other for a few months, he seemed to be the type that wanted long term relationships. He was alright with me, he almost always paid for things but I think he was more romantic with his exes. I told him that I did not want to see him any longer, he tried to fight it but then we came to an agreement. Then the next day, I tried to salvage it but he said that it was best things stayed platonic.
Does it sound like men are repulsed by me?
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