Should and how do I ask my guy friend to prom?

Prom is coming up and almost all the guys who are in my grade are taken and I'm thinking of asking my guy friend who is a sophomore and I'm a senior! Should I ask him? If so how? Please help!


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  • No don't ask him, WHAT is wrong with you? lol, it's okay, what you want to do is have lunch with him, text him and tell him that you want to do lunch with him today, (whatever day that is) and that you'd love to chit chat with him but don't tell him its anything important, just keep it casual, when doing lunch (or whatever you want, walk home from school or hang out during PE, idk) start conversing about prom, like where it will be and how you want to look, etc etc and casually slip in there that you don't have a date and you wish someone could ask out to the prom, if he doesn't get it, then hint and say that you think him and you would make a cute couple for prom, if he doesn't ask either he's not interested and just a big dumb ass. He might also be taken, so obviously if you bring up the prom topic, you'll be able to figure out, and if he say yourself the embarassment of asking him if that was the case. But even if he is taken, still mention you don't have a date and sound sad about it, I mean, if not prom you guys can always kick it after or you might be able to go with him with his group of friends, which is like the second best thing, ya dig?

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  • should be simple enough. You are friends, right? Next time you see him, bring it up. Say something like, "ya know, I want to go, but don't have a date. (pause) Would you go to prom with me?" I don't think you have anything to worry about if he is your friend already.

    • yea, its as simple as asking someone out on a date, for instance, me and italykam will demonstrate

      italykam, I want to go out on a date...(pause)...with you, would you like to go out on a date with me?

      And here is the part where she says, YES I WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO! and then I decide if I want to give her the chance!

    • Hah yeah somethin like that would do.