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Why is femininity idealized in our society?

Lets be real here.

We must compete in job interviews in order to eat. We must compete for promotions in order to live easier lives. We must compete with other females in order to get the man we want. We must study hard for our education to lead decent lives. We need to chase the man we want instead of just accepting any man that comes to us.

We cannot just sit back and wait for things to come to us. It’s a good way to starve to death or become unsuccessful in all aspects of life. You can’t feed yourself by being vain. You can’t get the man of your dreams, by being idle and pretending he doesn’t exist.

While I agree that most women are feminine and passive at their core (including me), chasing goals , working hard is really key to surviving the adult world. I would not expect a random guy on the street to pay for my vacation simply because I cannot afford to pay. I can’t expect a new guy everyday to buy me dinner because I refuse to be competitive to fight for the job. I can’t expect my boyfriend to pay my rent every month simply because I am too feminine to compete for that promotion.

We all need to be masculine to a certain extent in order to survive. So why all the hate on modern women? Do you people ever reason and think before you insist on things?
Why is femininity idealized in our society?
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