Is it possible the guy I like is avoiding me?

He used to wait for hours for a chance to talk to me secretly after his shift ended and risked his job many times to socialize with me when it was against the rules

i found three profiles on Facebook that I thought might be the guy I like and messaged them and now all three profiles have me blocked

I added a guy on LinkedIn that I thought was him and he accepted and changed his name the next day and when I suggested exchanging numbers he took me off his friends list and deleted his profile

This guy is not allowed to date me because of his job since he was my supervisor at work

But I thought I could date him and quit my job and work elsewhere

But I can’t find him - every time I think I have I either get ignored or deleted or blocked or his profile is hidden and privacy settings don’t let me contact him

There is only one glimmer of hope - A guy with his first and last name has one of my friends as a connection and my privacy settings are done so that only friends of friends are able to view my profile
Is it possible the guy I like is avoiding me?
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