Why do women lie and say that looks are not that important to get laid?

Women always fckg lie and say its all about confidence 🤣. And It seems like most guys are "bluepilled" and want to hide from the truth, which is that, if you don't look good as a man you won't be able to get sex. My friends always tell me "lol just be confident bro, just get out and approach bro, just take a shower bro", shit that EVERY GUY DOES. But most guys still can't get laid (Im talking about younger guys like me by the way 18-25). Still, people are gonna tell me "Oh you're wrong, I see many couples where the guy is ugly, etc" BUT, such couples are always much older (30 years old +), and the men are just used for money, and get cucked regularly.
Like srsly, the confidence thing is such cock sucking shit. Im confident as hell bc I just dont give a fuck about anything, Im super extraverted, I go to work, I study, my hygiene is perfect, I go to the gym 6×/week and I play football. Im not a lazy fucker, i get shit done. BUT STILL, I can't GET LAID. I ALWAYS GET REJECTED BY WOMEN. Why? It can't be my confidence/personality because I have many friends, I have social skills, etc. I have a deep voice, the problem isn't the way I talk, its not my height bc Im 6ft2, I take care of myself, I wear trendy clothes. Therefore, if I go by elimination, the issue must be my face. So to conclude, girls reject me because my face is ugly, and as a result, looks is everything. Q. E. D.
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I always get banned on this fucking website so stop reporting me just for stating my opinion you cucks. thanks
Why do women lie and say that looks are not that important to get laid?
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