Girls, Why do women lie about looks not mattering when that's all that matters?

Ask any woman and they'll say looks don't matter to them when guys ask them out. It's all about confidence, being dressed well, being funny etc. This is a complete and utter lie.

A short, ugly guy that has all the confidence and charm in the world women reject all the time. On the other hand a tall, good looking guy with the personality of a rock can be completely horrible to her and she'll beg him to stay with her. Heck he won't even need to approach her, she'll approach him.

This is such a huge lie society tells. That if you're being rejected, it's because there's something about your personality that you can change and it's not because of your looks. The idea being that women are great judges of character and they can easily filter out guys with bad personalities. Complete nonsense. If that were true, there would be no single moms. But there are plenty and these single moms decided to date terrible human beings because they were good looking.

And if you're good looking enough you can literally get away with anything and women will still like you. There are well documented instances of good-looking convicted felons including serial killers that women swooned over. People have set up fake profiles pretending to be things like convicted child molesters and women still went after them in droves. You don't hear these stories about men though, it seems men seem to factor in morality a lot more.

Sure you might see ugly guys occasionally with girlfriends. But there's always a strong reason that isn't mentioned. The guy might be super rich or the girl has kids. Or the girl has had her heart broken enough by all the good looking guys she chose to date first and is now finally settling for stability but has no real attraction towards the guy at all.
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Not to mention ever notice how every single love story is exactly the same? The girl and guy were instantly attracted to one another. If personality mattered, how would that be possible?

How come you never ever hear stories where the girl didn't like the guy at all and overtime as she began to know him more and more, she slowly fell in love? Because it's idealistic nonsense and NEVER happens in reality. Personality does NOT matter, it's all about looks.
Girls, Why do women lie about looks not mattering when that's all that matters?
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