My boyfriend threw food at me and called me names, what should I do?

Hey, just shy over 2 hours ago my boyfriend returned home from his friends place (to make a story short, i hate them. Past problems from them making up lies about us. I won't go into it) he was shitty and has been since the moment i woke up, he came home slamming doors and stamping his feet. I got up and asked what was wrong with him and he said “nothing, now go away”. I said “ever since you went to their place, you had the shits. Actually you have all day like you dont want me here” he said “exactly i dont want you here” (i live here too..., i pay more on everything then he does) he went off at me calling me a hypocrite, fucking dumbass, a idiot. I told him how i work and clean and cook and come home and clean up after him he said “you have too, its your job you dumbass”. I told him how i pay for everything while he doesn't and its not fair, he then threw food in my face. Pushed me back into the bedroom and was nose to nose with me yelling at me and calling me awful names. Then said “if you dont get out of my face... i want to fucking flog you” i wasn't in his face, i couldnt even defend myself as he was yelling at me too much. He kept getting in my face. I grabbed a bag and left, he rang me about 10 minutes later and begged me to come home. Im too scared, i dont want to.

i forgot something and came home to grab it and he told me not to go anywhere, by time i got home to grab what i needed i was shaking very badly and even scared to walk in the door, i grabbed what i needed, waited for him to pass out and left again. Mind... his been drinking and was going off at me while he was intoxicated, i dont know what to do, im proper lost and scared, my head is all over the place
My boyfriend threw food at me and called me names, what should I do?
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