Do you regret being a bully?

When I was young I was a spoiled brat, anything I want I will throw tantrums to get it. Fast forward to high school I became a mean girl. I always made fun of the obese and extremely skinny people. Many people hated me because I was the high school’s mean girl and a big bully. I even bullied my crush for getting better grades than me. He didn’t forgave me for that. When I was in college, at age 17 I was with my friends. Then I saw a very skinny girl so as she walked past I said loud and clear. “Wow I wonder who will be the first one to get suck in by a tornado.”

I called the skinny girls as Sticks as I always liked to hurt their feelings. I saw one of the skinny girls in my class taking food and I be like “I bet she eats vegetables and no carbohydrates haha”. Then at 19 I saw a girl who was anorexic when she was walking passed me I was snickering at how she looked. I be like she will never have a boyfriend since she had no meat on her bones. When I was 22 I tried to seduce my ex crush whom I used to bully in high school since he followed Instagram models. I saw him taking pictures with some girls and guys. I decided to spam him with pictures of my boobs and butt he didn’t reply. I wanted to type something in his Instagram message. “So I see you’re still crushing on that tall flat chested scrawny girl, what’s her name again? Oh Joyanne Well she has nothing to offer a man like you since she had no boobs and butt plus I’m way prettier than her and had curves I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t want you since you were shorter than her by 3 cm” but I didn’t send it as he will figure out who I was since I hated his crush Joyanne.
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looking back I did regret my actions. I had only one friend from 13 till 22. I wanted to apologise to those people whom I bullied be it in high school and college, I have offended more than 50 people in total. Don’t bully other unless you want to be bullied back. I forgot to mention that I was bullied back in high school and college because of me bullying their friends and them too
Do you regret being a bully?
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