The “too soon” phrase 🙄?

I met this guy on Tinder. We liked each other so much and the chemistry was amazing. we moved to Snapchat and we talked every day for three hours for a week so we decided to go on our first date and he said before the date that he will officially asked for my number so I went on and on the dates we had an amazing time the chemistry was right. he was perfect! gentle respectful fun sweet he wasn’t pushy. it was the best date I’ve ever had in so long. so the day after we talked on Snapchat and I mentioned that that he said he would ask for my number but he didn’t. he said that he didn’t forget but he thought that it was too soon for that. honestly I was kind of embarrassed I felt a little small, I know I should not feel that way but I don’t really know what what he means by that. Honestly I’ve said that phrase so many times but I didn’t expect it from a guy. What do you think?
The “too soon” phrase 🙄?
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