My girlfriend has trouble kissing and other things due to saliva.


Just wondered if anyone else has had a situation like this, as I have only had this once before.

I have a girlfriend who does not like open mouthed kissing.

She freaks out every time she gets saliva on her, yet she thinks its fine to wipe her saliva all over me, which doesn't freak me out.

I think she thinks about germs too much.

But this just doesn't just affect kissing it affects other things as well.

I was thinking about encouraging her to talk to her GP with me about it, I don't want to pressure her, but also I want to let her know that is something that annoys me.

Any ideas?


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  • Definitely talk to her about it. ask her why she doesn't like saliva.

    One thing you could do is offer to brush your teeth every time before you make out. And then when your teeth aren't brushed you can just kiss with a closed mouth.


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