Does it seem like he (24M) is only wants to hookup with me (19F)?

This all happened on the 2nd date with this Tinder guy. He asked me out on the 1st and 2nd date and now on a 3rd one (to play darts) and im debating whether to take him to my regular pub or not for the 3rd date. But anyways, any red flags? It looks like he just wants to hook up, right?
  • He asked to try my sunglasses cuz he "liked them" and so i tried his.
  • -He would hold my hands and try to read my palms. We both dont believe in those things but it was a fun conversation. Also i think it was an excuse to touch me. He would slightly brush off myshoulder or quickly pat it when he walks past me (we were playing pool).
  • -For fun, we were rating the people walking by 😅 (it was old people mainly). And then he asked me to rate him (i said 8 but i was being nice not to hurt him. He is still like a 7). I didn't ask him to rate me cuz i didn't wanna know.
  • -There were some silences. So he took my phone to look at the background (its a weird pic) then he tried to open my phone with my face censor ahah but i was like "noooo my whole life is on there" and he was like "oh now im really curious" and was teasing me trying to open it.
  • -i always had my sunglasses resting on my head and i said its cuz my hair looks better when they are there. So he was teasing me and taking off my sunglasses.
  • -he plays guitar and so do i. But him better than me. I mentioned how i wanna get better but I don't know how. And he said twice that he could teach me.
  • -he tried to kiss me at the bar but i wasn't feeling it just yet so i turned away which he didn't take badly at all. It wasn't awkward at all afterwards. But before we parted ways, we quickly kissed (it was in the subway station so in public).
  • -he wrapped his blanket around both of us in public while we were walking in the street to the station cuz it was cold.
  • -he orders the same drink as me.
Does it seem like he (24M) is only wants to hookup with me (19F)?
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