Why does she behave this way?

One of my big bro (we are not relatable) was put in the friendzone 2 months ago because he was too aggressive and came too strong on a girl and she rejected him after asking her out on a date.

background story, two months ago, he lost 2 most important people in his world, one was best friend due to a surgery gone wrong and his dad, his emotions were all over the place and at the same time, he found out this girl in his church band likes him. Through it all, he pulled through and is okay now, during the courtship, he gave the girl too much attention and also trying to balance his emotions due to loss at the same time.

Mid April 2021, with the help of family, he pulled through and his alright now but the girl who rejected him is now overly flirtatious, laughing at his joke even though its not funny and constantly touching his arm/shoulder during conversations because he's not paying/giving her the attention she used to get from him.

2 weeks ago, we were talking about politics concerning Russia/Ukraine, China/USA, we are having casual conversations when all of the sudden she got upset for no reasons and left the room.

Last week, we were jamming with few friends, him on the keyboard, me on the electric guitar and a friend on the drum, having a good times, she walked in the room, leaned in as she was going for kiss to whisper something in his ear but he wasn't moved by that, not only that her body language will change when seated, one moment, her whole body will face the opposite direction away from him then 5-10 minutes, i will catch her staring at him and her whole body will be facing him.

He will pretend he didn't see anything, he told me he stopped taking her seriously because one moment she will behave like this, the next moment, she's giving him the silent treatment.

Any thoughts on this madness, your input is much appreciated.
Why does she behave this way?
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