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How to cope with being an ugly Asian girl?

I'm specifically saying Asian cause at least "below average" caucasian girls in west world will be deemed as still attractive in many parts of Asia (caucasian = european descent, middle eastern, arab, indians, etc..) Provided that they aren't obese or overweight. Aesthetically being an Asian, South east Asian, is difficult. Your facial features aren't as pretty. It's conventional to think that Asian girls aren't as attractive. Being an already unattractive Asian girl means I'm below average in Europe or west world altogether. Probably in whole wide world. I'm not overweight, not obese, have a bit of a curvy body, I'm skinny, but my face is still not attractive... Believe me an average caucasian girl is prettier than me... I feel so pathetic knowing why I'm always single

To those who say that look doesn't matter, you're wrong. Look does matter. In my case, in Asian countries people worship caucasian people because of beauty.
How to cope with being an ugly Asian girl?
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