Would your parents care if you were to date outside of your ethnicity/race?

Even if you did or didn’t care to interracially date, would your parents care if you did?

My mom, dad and grandma have dated some of every race. As have I. However, I see no interest in dating someone who’s constantly jokes about stereotypical things and makes racially insensitive comments on the daily. For example, my grandpa loves to flirt with women of all races yet he doesn’t feel the different races should officially mix in terms of dating/marriage. And he only comments negatively on women dating outside of their race yet praises the men getting laid by different races. I’ve had to call him out several times about his double standards and slick comments in order for him to respect my history in dating a rainbow of men. But at the same time, no one in my family has ever been able to stop me from dating who I want. And I just personally refuse to continue showing interest in someone who allows their family to dictate who they date. Of course, I still find many men attractive but i lost interest in dating outside my race a good while back. Its just too much drama with the cultural differences and clearly not who I see myself building a future with in the long run. But i do have moments where i consider making an exception to the rule, only to end up regret that decision. Like I’ve really gotta stick to my stance.
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My parents would support it
My parents would be disappointed
My parents would probably disown me
My parents couldn’t care less
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Would your parents care if you were to date outside of your ethnicity/race?
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