How to date an Emo or Scene guy?

OK, Since forever I've loved how emo guys look..they just attract me..but I'm a normal girl and am a little overweight...not terribly (like 10 pounds) but usually emo/scenes are sticks weight wise..looks-wise I'm normal..I guess...ppl would say..and would love to attempt the emo/scene style...but I'm pretty much a no nonsense tomboy chick...I can shoot a gun fairly accurately for example..if you have actually had something bad happen to you then yea I will comfort the person..that doesn't really click with the emo/scene guy attitude...(Please don't say I can't date one just give me advice around stuff that seems like it won't work)

I have tried to get 'in touch with my emotions' but I kinda locked em away...yea...I act tough so I won't get hurt not due to a relationship.

Also do at least some of them act dominant..I've never truly known this..I mean..I can be friends with hem and have them cry on my shoulder..whatever..but I can't have a boyfriend do that to me...I assume its different for each of them but what is the tendency for their emotions?

But question is..can I date an emo/scene guy?

P.S. I would be wonderful if emo/scene guys could answer this vs a 'normal' guy..but I'll take whatever I can get...please say if you are 'normal' or emo/scene though.



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  • I'm not "emo", as in belonging to the specific culture; I'm "emo" as in deeply emotional (though I do fit some of the descriptions like being skinny, tall and having darker clothes, haha). Let me state some things before I write more however:

    - A lot of "emos" are poseurs, meaning they're in it for the attention. Others really had problems and found sanctuary in simply venting everything.

    - You seem to be attracted to the style, not the people that compose it. (keyword: seem)

    - "Have them cry on my shoulder" ain't gonna cut it. You do NOT understand our needy nature; if you really want to date such a boy, be sure to know what you're getting into. This is a warning.

    For the last part, I've been a walking emotional black hole for many, many years - that meaning, I've been craving for (female) compassion and attention for a very long time... that made me more sensible and fragile. This is because of my mother's death and generally a "lone wolf" type of life. Imagine how much I wanted to sleep in a girl's lap... there's only one person in my life that tried to understand me and fill that void for me. I'm capable of murder of anyone dared touch her (yes she's that important to me) BUT I didn't drop all my "masks" (I still keep some things to myself out of fear she wouldn't approve).. yet. I'm wary and cautious of girls, most I've met did not know to take care of my trust or my feelings. Because of that, I prefer to be a distant asshole most of the times, especially when girls approach me based on my "eccentricity" (I forgot to mention I have my hair dyed red and have an earring; makes me look like a motherf***ing pirate :) )

    Oh on the dominance part... I'm not sure how those other boys would fare. As much as I am sensible, I am a beast as well. My current girlfriend is.. much stronger than me but I'm not weak. We have frequent power struggles and I think neither is submissive or dominant - better said both.

    I'm still a guy in the end, even with all those things said. I hope you understand some of what I wrote here.

    • Oops, sorry for writing so much. :/

      Do you happen to watch anime and/or read manga, as well?

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    • You're like me, with the "heal then be healed" mentality. There isn't anything bad about it, the problem lies with the other person... be careful whom you associate with, a lot of people do not know how to handle these kind of situations and the worst of all, do not even want to.

    • I do actually...

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  • I've been told I dress and look emo, I shrug it off. But I am who I am. I guess the only way to keep me happy is biting me, and dominating me. I like cuddling and watching anime. But fuck anything else, no going outside, inside only, I just like cuddles, I would also like someone to be there for me in my times of need. Anything else, just throw it a good ass

  • Shooting a gun doesn't make you manly :D

    Infact it makes men who think that are usually pussies.

    • I just meant that usually girls won't do that...I know it doesn't...

    • Think of them as guys, not emo/scene guys. If they're right for you, they're right.

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  • I always wear big sweater not big big but a medium size or a large I wear leggings and knee high convers and my hair is black and Brown and my bang is red i dont get it why people think I cut myself. Its kinda stupid never judge a book by its cover it kinda made me mad that a person actually asked me that. I actallu got a therapist to help me just because Im emo or whatever you want to call me doesn't mean I cut myself