Guys, why am I never good enough anymore?

My sister is on a front page of a magazine it was like local magazine shop but still. she is gorgeous. No guy even talks or looks at me when she's around. my ex boyfriend wouldn't stop looking and smiling at her. I know guys secretly want her if they were to be with me.
people say not to compare, but why? at least I'm not lying to myself. no guy would choose me over her. every guy that comes in contact with her flirts with her married or not.
that's how beautiful she is..
thats honestly why I never try dating. because I'm the last option and the least guys can do. if they could have a hot girl like they follow on social media and they ogle over they could. trust me. hearing about all the cheating is making me think maybe I shouldn't get in a relationship. lots of people cheat... I can't deal with that honestly.
the girl whose got 5 kids whose beautiful gets a guy faster than I do. not saying single moms dont deserve love I'm just making a point.
why do you think guys follow half naked chicks on social media? I can tell you it isn't because of their "personality" lmao 🤣 if it wasn't about looks then why am I having hard time finding someone? why is it that I'm told that no guy will approach me when attractive chicks are around? why did guys tell me no one would want or approach me when my sister was there.

ever read disgusting comments on social media? I know models, attractive chicks and they have disgusting men write stuff to them all the time. trust me they will always choose them
but I get called a misandrist cause petty ass boys can't be loyal? lmao and you wonder why women are giving up on relationships. absolutely disgusting girl I was talking to literally said men can't help it. they can't? then don't waste women's time if you are gonna be like this. I am warning the ladies, be careful. they are all like this.
I've lost hope. I hope you ladies find someone decent cause it really doesn't exist

I'm never good enough?
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long post, so sorry.
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Please don't be mean, I'm really struggling
Guys, why am I never good enough anymore?
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