Are These Two Women Right?

Hello, I'm 19 and in the air force. So, I asked all of my female friends for dating advice. Just to give some background information. I never had a girlfriend. I've been single for a very long time and it seems like everyone my age is dating except me. They all said "just wait and a relationship will eventually come around". I told her that i message girls on IG to no avail 99% of the time. When they text me this, I thought to myself "I have been waiting for like years and nothing has been coming around with nothing coming in sight". So, should I just wait then? This means that I won't approach random women, no messaging random girls on IG, and etc. I used to just let things happen and I also got nothing.
Are These Two Women Right?
Are These Two Women Right?
Yeah, they're right. Let it come to you
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No, that's a good way to stay single
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Are These Two Women Right?
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