Should I ask this girl if I'm annoying her or why she's (possibly) ignoring my calls/texts?

We're friends and like, we can talk/text just fine, but sometimes, she doesn't answer for like three or four days

This time is weird though. Tried texting last Saturday, nothing. Called last Sunday, nothing.

Called sometime in the middle of the week and her phone was dead. Texted her the next day and she said that and that she was out of town for a few days. Texted her like two days or whatever later, asking how her trip was going, but didn't get a reply to that either

Called her tonight and didn't get a reply

We normally talk just fine but like this past week and the week before, she has rarely, if ever gotten back to me.

We're friends and I'll admit that I don't always get back to my other friends, but I wanna be more with her, so I think calling is sort of like an important thing. Like I can't do it too much since it may annoy her. should I just straight up text her in a few days and ask if I'm annoying her or something?


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  • LOLF***NO.first off is she a friend, or are you interested in her? if a girl wants to respond, she deffinately will. if she's playing games with you she will try to space out your chats so that she makes sure you'll talk to her again, while also not looking to interested in you. but that's depeding on her game.

    • both. She's a friend that I'm interested in

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    • eh, I'd do that but since we're friends, I don't know if she knows that I'm interested in her so I'm afraid that she may not think anything about it

    • are you a good looking guy?

  • why are you acting so obsessed I know that would annoy me if you ask me there is no need to ask if you are being annoying you should just stop insteed


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