Is it weird to start really liking a girl you met online?

We have never met in person. I actually met her on this site, which is why I am going anon.

We started talking at least a year and a half back. She was dating someone, as was I. So we would always kinda talk and give advice/vent.

Things had always been pretty flirty with her, but more recently it has gotten more so. We go out of our way to be able to talk with each other and spend hours at a time on IM. We e-mail back and foward quiet a bit as well.

She's a really awesome girl, and I can't seem to get her out of my head. It's pretty evident that we like each other, and has even been expressed flat out before as well.

But I've been developing some really real feeling for her. Feelings beyond a simple innocent crush or just liking her.

She's an amazing person and always makes me laugh, she is really smart, and that's actually a big thing for me, I'm not shallow or anything, but she is also absolutely gorgeous.

I am a bit on the awkward side of things, and nothing I say turns out right, but she totally gets me. I don't have to explain myself and she already knows what I meant. She is the same way too. And I totally get her. Our personalities and stuff just get along so well and she keeps a constant smile on my face.

Like even just randomly through the dayI will think of her and get the biggest grin.

Is it weird to develop these sort of feelings for someone you have never met in person? And what should I do? We live pretty far apart in different countries.

Like if I knew she was down to try some sort of long distance thing, I would do it in a heart beat, but I'm not sure if she feels the same way about that, and at the same time I don't want to scare her off or make things weird between us.

All help is appreciated :)
Is it weird to start really liking a girl you met online?
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