I keep comparing myself to her? Why am I never good enough?

My sister is beautiful, has modeled for magazines, people always approach her telling her how gorgeous she is. She's beautiful and gorgeous. I'm very envious, because I haven't gotten blessed in the looks department and I struggle with my weight being obese. She's always gawked and stared at. Guys whistle and cat call her a lot. She's married actually, and she's literally got everything I'm 24 and can barely make it through the day. She's told my mom tons of times how I should lose weight, and I feel like she looks at me less of a person because I'm bigger. I've actually posted a photo of us on here together and I got shot down, got called ugly and hideous meanwhile all the guys were asking about her. And that was a slimmer photo of me. Guys always want her, and my boyfriend (now ex) would stare and smile at her. Meanwhile her boyfriends are always devoted to her, and her husband is amazing. I get guys coming up to me thinking they are gonna talk to me but end up asking about her. So that hurts my self esteem. Like I get it, I'm pretty ugly. But it would be nice to be appreciated without having to change my weight to get it. I am working on my weight but that shouldn't matter if I am or not. I don't owe an explanation. It just sucks when family members, and people on the streets coming up to me telling me how pretty she is. And they don't even ask me how I'm doing. Like she literally gets band guys, doctors, football players. She is beyond beautiful. My moms sisters husband told my mom and her how they have good genes. Infront of me. And I know if I found someone someday they would want her. Why am I not good enough?
Also want to add my mom and I work @ the same place. And ladies at work always say how beautiful my sister is. I know for a fact guys wouldn't approach me if she was there. That's what someone told me here.
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I've never had the luxury of being approached.. being with my friends and they know a model who is absolutely gorgeous also. Out of the friend group and the model, no guy ever comes up to me. I'm looked like a joke. Which I probably am.
I keep comparing myself to her? Why am I never good enough?
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