Have you become less sociable during, the last 2 years? How do you deal with it?

i will tell you about my situation and maybe it will help you post whats on your mind.

I am an introvert, but i am quite a social one. Never had a problem talking to people or spending a lot of time around other people, but wouldn't go out of my way to strike a conversation with random people.

Around 3 years ago i started dating seriously and i thought i was getting better with how to go about it and feeling more comfortable. and as you can guess, i didn't have a significant amount of experience with the physical side of it. I can count on two hands the times i have talked to a girl. last time i even talked to a girl i was interested in was march of 2020.

now i think i developed a mental berrier that repels me from making any kind of contact, even to the point that i sometimes feel pressure in my chest thinking of certain situations. last month was even a situation where i literally froze in place by the thought of talking to a beautiful girl i saw at a wedding.

i don't know how to go back to normal. I don't have any women at work or otherwise that i can talk to and get used to female company again. finding strangers through apps just ignites the stress and i end up forcing the conversation and driving it into an awkward place or just ghosting them. not to mention that my humor just vanishes in those situations. i thought about creating a facebook group or something that just let people talk 1 on 1 but i don't think people will feel comfortable with that since the internet is filled with creeps.

it is even more infuriating that all my friends are engaged or married and i am stuck at the highschool stage. and im sure that that self hatred just drives me further away from a healthy place...

do you have a similar problem?
any advice to me and other people on how to get out of this situation?
Have you become less sociable during, the last 2 years? How do you deal with it?
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