What do I do on a real first date?

i met this guy on a dating app. i haven’t been on a date in so long. well, i don’t think i have ever been on a real date… like, i haven’t been asked out on a serious date. my past boyfriends i have either met in the wrong place or through mutual friends and we just ended up together.
i don’t think i have genuinely been on a serious date where we actually sit and get coffee or lunch. i am new to dating apps as well but i narrowed down my searches to people who actually want something genuine and to take it slow.
he asked me out to lunch this weekend, but i have work and i told him that my work is on call sometimes so to be patient with me and my schedule. he is in active military and is stationed in my city but lives more up north.
im really interested in him and i think he’s super cute and sweet. he seems like the sweetest guy in the world, but i have anxiety and i don’t want to flake on him or keep telling him to wait until i feel ready…
what should i do? how do i go about this? what do i say or do on a first date?
What do I do on a real first date?
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first date was awesome, we connected super well and we talked non stop. we visited a park and got some lunch. we planned a second date. thank you guys 😁
What do I do on a real first date?
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