Is this list the actions of a best guy friend or more?

-Good morning text or calls everyday
-Goodnight text or calls everyday
-Phone calls throughout the whole day ranging from a total of 3 up to 7 hours
-Always finding reasons to see her
-Asking her to go out with him one on one a lot either to breakfast or just to hang out while he runs errands
-Always calling her beautiful as In looks not nickname
-always makes sure to apologize if he feels he offended or upset her
-always supports her and encourages her
-LOTS of sexual talks from history to preferences to likes and dislikes to seeing half nude photos of her to give his opinion on them
-lots of inside jokes
-always talks about a future with her in it
-talk about waiting to be with her after death
-getting protective or jealous of other men interacting with her
-getting mad over her kids disrespecting her
-encouraging her to get close to his sister and mother as In spending time with them one on one
-rarely mentions her on social media even if he goes out with her that day (for example never mentions our breakfast meet ups but will if he meets up with other people)
-yet on the flip side of the social media once says how beautiful she looks everyday he sees her one day randomly on her comment on his post
-always confides his troubles in her
-always comes to her with any good news or bad news he gets almost immediately
-always hugs her whenever they see each other sometimes more than once
-tells her he loves her and will say it more than once if I do not say I back the first time
-tells all his close guy friends about her from his own admission
-will bring up other women who are friends randomly saying how he use to like them
-always tells her what he is doing and where he is going
-always returns her text very quickly
-always says how much he enjoys hanging out with her
-always helping her fix stuff if he able to
I’m sure there is more im not putting down but that’s a lot of the main ones. So is this friend behavior or is there more behind it?
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He has also pointed out to me that he is just a best friend. That he only wants to be friends multiple times sometimes many times in a week. He has given quite a few excuses from he doesn’t see me that way or he is afraid I’ll cheat on him like his past relationships.
Is this list the actions of a best guy friend or more?
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