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Why won’t my ex leave me alone after he broke up with me?

My ex broke up with me 5 months ago. I begged for him back the first month and he didn’t want to. We are both seniors in college. I found out he was with other girls and lying to me about it. That hurt but it was whatever. So I’ve been trying to move on, BUT ever since then, he won’t stop reaching out. “We need to talk” and then nothing comes out of it ever and I’d find out he was taking another girl on dates. Every time he would come back I got let down. So I blocked him on everything a few weeks ago because I had enough and then he’d call me off other phones and try to apologize and we’d get into another fight. He is still blocked but he will message me on other phone numbers or random apps like LinkedIn asking to talk and that he has something to say. He said merry Christmas to me and that he’s sending me a letter. I don’t respond to any of it because I gave him so many chances to apologize and get back together. What does he want from me? It’s making me go crazy and I’m trying to move on. Why won’t he leave me alone?
Why won’t my ex leave me alone after he broke up with me?
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