Can someone please explain my ex to me?

In November he ended our relationship of two years because we were no longer on the same time frame for marriage and kids. Anyway, we didn't talk for about a month and then I reached out to him about exchanging our things. He said he was too busy before Christmas but could the week after. Well Christmas day he texts me and we talk until midnight, same thing the next day. We didn't talk Monday, I text him Tuesday and he doesn't respond until Thursday night.

We got a lot of snow the week after Christmas so the exchange didn't happen. We talked a bit on new years with me sending the last text at 830. He then replies 3 DAYS later! I brought up the exchange to him again (he hasn't) and the new excuse is his tires are not good in the snow and ice, yet he said he hung out with a lot of friends and family during his week off. When I told him how much stuff of his I have, and that my hall closest is full, he completely blew me off and we haven't talked since Tuesday. This is what I don't understand:

1) what's with the hot and cold with texting? Maybe this is just a transition but I've never taken a day and a half to 3 days to respond
2) why is he putting off the exchange? He said he doesn't mind meeting up but he's making no effort to do so, I have to keep bringing it up. The snow has been gone since Tuesday and we haven't talked.
Can someone please explain my ex to me?
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