He likes me but never calls

this guy I've been dating recently asked me to be his girlfriend - but he admitted he'll forget to text or call at times and for me not to take it personally. I really like him and I'm trying to take it very slow because this is a new relationship and I'm trying to assess how he feels about his space.he'll call me to hang out and stuff but never to talk, and now I'm on a week holiday and have no idea how I should approach this, since I'll text him he won't text back or text back hours later, but deep down I do know he likes me. can guys just explain why some guys don't call or text back sporadically. it's really odd, esp when they say they like you. btw he hasn't had a girlfriend in about 2 years and is apparently super picky so I know him asking me to be his girlfriend means something.but still, any ideas how to approach this or ask him for more without sounding nagging or seeming desperate? and also what does it mean when a guy does that?


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  • Well, it is a FACT that women talk 3 times as much as us guys and frankly, he probably just has nothing to talk about so why waste time sittin on the phone talking about.uhhhh the neighbors dog or whatever he can scrounge up. I don't think he really means to, just guys aren't as hooked to their phones as girls are heh. just call him and say hey its been a while since weve just talked, then jazz it up however you want, ask him to do something sometime to keep the conversation going or ask what's up. Idk, he's opened the door, and you have to walk through it.


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  • Girl I've been dating my boyfriend for 3 years and he hates talking on the phone. Guys don't have much to say at all. They think talking on the phone is boring and not needed. Don't take it personal most of them are like that. My boyfriend sometimes stays quiet on the phone to the point that I have to let him go. Guys don't think its important to talk over the phone cause even today my boyfriend tells me what's to talk about the phone for long hours? He told me not so long ago that if it was up to him we would talk on the phone 2 to 3 times a week. He says that he feels like he has to talk on the phone cause sometimes he calls me so I won't feel bad. Just be patient and don't think he doesn't like you is that they don't think talking on the phone it's important. Guys have a hard time expressing themselves through the phone because they feel awkward. Try this don't call him or text him and maybe that way he will see how you feel. Sometimes we have to play by their rules to make their learn, but simply if the guy doesn't see that as a big deal is because he doesn't really pay much attention to that. When he calls you don't call him immediately call him hours later so he can see that you were too busy doing other things. Don't think he doesn't like you cause of this try to judge it differently maybe he's afraid to sound boring over the phone or maybe he feels like he prefers to communicate personally. Hope my advice help and good luck. I'm telling you this from a personal experience.