Why are women so hot and cold?

Over the years I have been asking this same question, why do ladies get the urge to be so hot and cold? One minute a lady is great with me, she chats, texts a lot, flirts, wants to meet up often, basically wants to be around me often.next she just goes off, doesn't want to meet up, ignores texts, ignores emails, talks to everyone but me, just generally off! Now I ain't the type to send 100 emails and texts, so I do give women breathing space. However when the off behavior happens, I go off them and give up! Ladies your opinions would be appreciated please.
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. You seem like a stable lady and maybe she though dating someone you did may make her have a happy relationship. Whatever her reason for dating your ex is, she clearly has a problem with you. What you need to do is say to your boyfriend you are going to
Why are women so hot and cold?
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