Was it a good idea to tell my boyfriend I got a stalker?

I recently met a neighbor- young and charming. He introduced himself to me almost by force one day while I was carrying groceries home. He offered to give me a hand which I thought was sweet.

He then told me that he's been watching me around in shops etc. and was looking for a chance to talk to me. My gut feeling told me that there's something creepy in this guy so I tried to deflect him. He asked me if we could be friends and hang out sometimes as he lives nearby and just returned from abroad so he's lonely and wants company. I honestly didn't thought it would be harm to hang out (outside) grab a coffee and maybe be friends. I didn't think at that time that he'll be stalking me, I was like he gives me the creeps but maybe I am biased.

I gave him my number to call sometimes. He immediately texted me SMS, then viber, then telegram every platform he could find me. I explained to him that I started feeling uncomfortable not only because I have a partner but he was all the time sending me creepy texts like "I remember every detail of your face, when I go to sleep I fantasize about you" or "I like your style with your boots and sweaters especially the red one you were wearing on X day". This is when I blocked me as he didn't respect my wish to not engage further. Few months later, I got a text from him

"Hey don't know why you blocked me lol but I've been seeing you around without your guy, chat me up if you ditched him I got a new number to text you." I sent him a reply to stop harassing me and blocked his new number. My boyfriend is currently abroad so we communicate in chat. I texted him that the creepy neighbor started harassing me again but I handled it. I think its important to let my close people know cause I am getting upset and kind of terrified to be watched by a person who doesn't understand boundaries and tries to find ways to intrude my privacy.
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so I talked with my boyfriend and he thinks I have nothing to worry and just a couple of messages is nothing and that he won't do anything further to me if I keep blocking him
Was it a good idea to tell my boyfriend I got a stalker?
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