Girls, I’m 20 and never dated what should I do?

So I’m a 20 year old guy who’s never been in a relationship. I would love to date but I have anxiety and don’t like socializing I just feel so awkward and anxious in social situations that I don’t even bother trying to talk. If I’m out with friends I’ll just be minding my own business hoping no one talks to me, as bad as that sounds it’s super relieving because I can just relax. I’ve never really talked to girls in high school thought it was just a phase turns out I’m pretty avoidant. Like I once had a girl talk to me but I kinda just acted rude subconsciously it was because I feared doing something stupid or not being good enough to talk to her, as dumb as that sounds it’s rooted in my subconscious. Whenever I force myself to try talk it feels very unnatural. Whenever girls do say hi or ask me a question this is how it is.
her: hi
me: hi
maybe her or my friends say something then I just shut down and mind my own business hoping they don’t talk to me. I have my moments where I can say something but never a full blown conversation or even small talk. Friends are dating, everywhere I go I see people dating, it makes me lonely and want that but at the same time I’m comfortable being alone. I was at a bar once with friends and they were talking to these two bartenders, and the bartenders kept looking at me I literally just wanted to go hide in a bathroom. Oh and sex is scary, I don’t even know what to do same with dating. I have a feeling I may never date one part of me wants to and other says oh well.
Girls, I’m 20 and never dated what should I do?
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