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I think a stripper likes me but I’m not sure?

Met a stripper my first time going to a strip club after a break up. Immediately felt a connection to a specific girl I saw on stage and asked her for a dance. Told her it was my first time and we really connected (obviously 😒) Saw her the next week and paid for vip and told her I really like her and want to get to know her. We talked a lot and made out in the vip room and a lot of rubbing and touching but no sex which is fine.. later that night she sat with me just to hang out for the rest of the night until I left. I got her snap chat before I left. Exchanged a few texts for a couple weeks. Then she told me when she’s working next, saw her this pst Monday and it was not busy at all, I only came to see her and we talked the whole time I was there. She told me a lot of emotionally intimate things about her and even shared that she has a lot of mental health issues (depression, anxiety, adhd) I feel like we connected most this time, I paid for a dance which she said she felt bad to making me pay but I told her I wanted to kiss her. When we went in the back we just made out the whole time while she sat on my lap. After I left she texted me on Snapchat that she’s happy she saw me and we have been talking all day today. During my last visit with her I asked her what reservations she has with seeing me outside of the club and she said she had a situation ship with a man she has known for years that is on its way out which is stopping her, also she is finishing her day job and said she wants to get everything in order before she thinks about going in a date with me. I really think this girl is into me, bc of how she was acting during our last visit. She was hugging me and holding me. Kissing me and telling me emotionally intimate things about her. I’m going to give it a month and if she doesn’t see me outside of the club I’m going to just let it go. But I’m just wondering if this behavior is normal for strippers. Or am I being played.
I think a stripper likes me but I’m not sure?
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