Could this stripper like me?

Howdy all, I've got a bit of a dilemma here. Last weekend I went out to a friends' bucks nights, and we ended up in a Strip club where we spent the rest of the night. This was my first time in a strip club and I had no idea what I was doing, but after a few more drinks and some encouragement from the mates I went and got myself a lap dance. The girl was beautiful and I told her that she was absolutely gorgeous, to which came the return smile and thank you. We started chatting a little bit during the dance and she told me a bit about herself, she told me that she had only been doing this work for a month or two, and she was just travelling around the world and has been for 3 years - so I'm assuming that she might not have the same attitude as many other strippers would?

I ended up buying her a drink and getting another 2 or 3 lap dances from her and each time we talked more, about her work, and life, and I got her real name. One club rule was no kissing, but I still gave her a kiss on the neck and she didn't mind at all. At one point I actually began stroking her back gently and she froze mid-dance as if paralysed. I know she wasn't pretending, because doing that had the exact same effect on my ex-girlfriend, she loved it.

At the end of the dance I kissed her hand, she hugged me and kissed me on the cheek and I left again. By then it was 3:30am and I rang my mates to find out that they had all left in a taxi... I had a few bucks left in the bank, but not enough to get home... so feeling a bit stupid I walked back into the club, found the girl and asked herif by any chance she caught a taxi home in the same direction as I would, so that we could share a cab until her stop and I would then pay for the rest of the trip myself. I'll point out that at NO POINT did I make any indication that I wanted anything more from her than to share a cab as far as she needed to go (and this is true as well) She said she only caught a cab 5 minutes down the road (telling me the suburb she lives in) and that she could instead give me $20 to help. I didn't want to accept her money but what choice did I have, I had to get home.

So she put the money into my hand so that the bouncers wouldn't see, I again kissed her hand told her that she is a great person, she gave me another hug and I left. During one of the dances she told me that she would be working the next sunday when I told her that I wouldn't mind seeing her again. She said just coming for a drink would be cool it doesn't have to be another dance. So I intend to go back there this coming Sunday to first of all return her $20, but also to apologize for the numerous lap dances, because I would have never thought I'd ever pay a girl to do anything for me, it just never felt right with me... but if I hadn't then I wouldn't have met her. On Sunday I'm also going to ask her if I could take her out to lunch some time, and will offer her my number.

So what do you girls think? Any chance of a positive outcome?
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I ran out of space but maybe I should have added that she is going to leave Australia in 2 months time, to continue her world travel - if that makes any difference at all. So she is not a "full time" stripper, just doing it because it is decent money.
Could this stripper like me?
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