How do you know if a stripper likes you?

I'm a rookie here...what are the tell-tale signs a stripper likes a guy?

I'll goto a strip club from time to time anywhere from a few months to

yrs from now. Anyway I went and met a stripper, chatted with her and all.

I must of made an impression on her because she tickled me, and allowed me to give her a massage.

And that was even before a lap dance,and she seemed to enjoy it when I gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Any advice would be helpful

Here's a follow up to the question.

Is it possible to be friends with any strippers?

I went back to the strip club lately,and chatted w/the same stripper.

And she likes me as a friend,which I have no problem with.

My question is will it work out in the short term or long term?
Ok,is it common for a stripper to allow a guy to kiss'em on the check?

And is a guy considered a regular when a stripper is happy to see a guy?

Even if it's been months,


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  • Out of curiosity, what DID you say to her?

    Sounds like she likes you more than most people, but isn't feeling anything intense.

    And to the person who said strippers are never sincere. that is not true.Actually, I'm more of an expert on escorts, and sort of translating what I know in that area to strippers. But. the reason I used the word vulnerable so strongly was because when you do sex work, you end up having this emotional armor around you. It is. REALLY nice. So. you do have reactions to people, they are just a few temperatures cooler than normal. There ARE some bad eggs in the business who are just."gold diggers" and slightly sociopath-ic messes, but plenty of them are talented. A lot of girls are attracted to the business because people have been rough with them- either emotionally or physically- and they are seeking out affection. I know it's just as foolish to go to a prostitute to find true love as it is for a prostitute to secretly hope for love from a client that she also happens to be "fatally" attracted to.

    On the harsh side, the bad ones love the sincere attention, because they themselves do not know how to BE sincere. It's like liars- they love to hear the truth because they themselves dispense so little of it!

    • Well I haven't been to the topless club in awhile.

      But when I've gone usually I get 1-lap dance from the stripper.

      And usually a double from someone she knows .

      And she's usually glad to see me the times I drop by.

      Like I said it's been 5-months since I last went to this strip club.

      Could she be bisexual doing the double lap dance?

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  • Do you just want to be her friend and get to know her, or date her? ;)

    My advice is as follows: Considering her line of business it's kind of in her job description to give guys false hope in order to keep her bank account well padded. Give her your business card and tell her you'd like to take her out. If she calls you she's either a) a gold digger or b) interested. I'm sure you wouldn't be the first guy to want to take her out so it's probably in your best interest to put the ball in her court.

    • NO!!! Don't do this! I've had this happen and I wasn't pleased.

    • What I mean by "not pleased" is that a guy going to a stripper or escort is already eager so the girl ALREADY knows he likes her. Wait for signs she likes him. If she thinks of you as a gem among rocks, she's gonna show you somehow. Wait for a SIGN... I was in the business and once I found somebody I REALLY liked and (this was only once out of like hundreds of guys) I called him and told him I'd be interested in seeing him in a nonprofessional way. he was married, but if he wasn't, he would hav

  • Well. I'd say the stripper or escort will be more sincere and like any girl show symptoms of a crush (depending on how MUCH she likes you.) But. I have to say that often the kind of guys that really like the girl are not the kind of guys that the girl might like. It's a really weird sociological discovery into how often things aren't reciprocal. But look for sympathy, SMILING, and ANY kind of sign that she is letting down her stripper armor and being a little bit more vulnerability. So, if I had to answer this question with one word it would be "vulnerability."

    • Ok,it's a fact sometimes men do date strippers.

      That said and no debate about that.

      But my questions is what are some of the signs a stripper is letting her stripper armor?

      Or what other signs are there to look out for that a stripper being vulnerable?

    • It depends how long you've known them- How many lap dances or how many times you've paid for sex. (hypothetically). The slips in the armor would be acting out of character... not being as technical as usual; not being as "good" as she thinks she normally is because she is so affected by the guy. Blushing; surprise; (when people in this field FEEL, they are surprised at their own reaction!) treating you/the client with kid gloves...wistfulness at saying goodbye. Not feigned secret relief but real

    • PS. sorry if I'm being TOO thorough, but also.. the one thing that disqualifies or makes my theory messy is drugs. A lot of these women might be on drugs to either feel more numb or to feel aroused and sexually loving around everybody. One or the other. So occasionally they might sincerely bond with somebody but... when they are not under the influence and meet the person when sober not have those feelings anymore. That, however, is really getting into the nuances of social behavior.

  • PS. I might be wrong about some of my comments because I keep applying what you asked about strippers to girls who escort. So maybe there IS a big difference between the two, and maybe strippers are more likely to be users than people escorting. people escorting are involving themselves a lot more. This could be another question. Are people who have sex for money more sincere than people who strip for money? Lol.

  • To answer your update: Not unless you were friends before she started stripping. Why don't you try craigslist or meetup if you're looking for friends?

  • I can tell you now, as a stripper, we like your money. We know you like the attention we give you, that's why we get money. So it would make sense that we do what makes you happiest, because we get more money. Affection=Money. It's our job, you can't be a car salesman and point out all the flaws in the car, you have to make sure they like what they hear, right? Girls get very rich because we know what guys like you are thinking, and that is, "Oh, I bet that means she likes me." Nope, sure don't. We like the fancy apartment you are paying for. Cold hard truth.

    • Not true. A lot of us in the business may be doing it for money, but there's a lot of things we could do for money. I think most girls in this business are more vulnerable than they want to believe. Maybe we are more cunning than most women in the general population... but I think some girls are sincere. Obviously, girls aren't attracted to every client, but I used to liken prostitution to playing music. You might like/love/dislike the song you are playing, but you ENJOY playing music!!!

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  • With a stripper, you can't assume that any affection they are showing is sincere. They act that way with everybody. That's what they do for a living. I'm sure right after you left, she was doing the same thing to another guy. Don't expect her to think of you as anything different than every other dude = you are only a paycheck to her. As most guys are to most women.

    • I'm not so sure every stripper would let a guy kiss her on the cheek... I dunno.