My best-friend wants to become a stripper?

We have been knowing each other for a few years now (most of high-school) and we are now getting ready to graduate in May. She has brought up, (so nonchalantly ) every now and then since this summer, that she wants to become a stripper. She still wants to attend a university but also wants to strip. I'm not sure of the exact reason why she wants to strip. I can assume that it would be to pay for school. I am not in support of her doing this. The only reason I don't support her stripping is strictly because I care a lot about her. She has been through a lot and I doubt the stripping industry will do her any good or better. I can understand if she thinks it will make her some extra cash and that is is probably really fun. However, she is just so young and still very pure to be considering such a degrading career. I know a few strippers personally, and many of them are hooked on drugs, have been victims of rape, and live a really sad life. My heart really does go out to them! But, I don't want my best-friend to be like that! She has to much potential to give elsewhere. She is so creative, intelligent, innovative and sometimes a little witty... tehehe

Anyways how do I tell her this without hurting her feelings or sounding old-fashioned?
My best-friend wants to become a stripper?
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