Please give me insight on "husband touching stripper" (I am desperate)?

About two weeks after my husband and I married we went on a honeymoon to Vegas. It worked out good because his childhood friend was getting married there as well so the trip served two purposes.

While there he was invited on a bachelor party. We knew the guys planned on going to a strip club in which my hubby did not want to go. I thought the guys were going to think I did not want him to go and since I was the new wife I did not want this reputation so I talked him into going.

After he went we met up, and I do not know how else to explain this, but I instantly knew more than what I was comfortable took place. I questioned him in which he said he just got a public lap dance and then went outside because he was so uncomfortable (I did not believe this).

Once we were back in Canada I said one of the wives messaged me and said their husband told her they seen my husband go into a private room. My husband began to tell me the truth, he touched the strippers butt and boobs (twice).
husband touching stripper
husband touching stripper
Needless to say I lost it. It has been 7 months and some days are great and some days aren't. I feel super betrayed. Some days I look at my suitcase and come super close to packing it. I know other couples go through worse (actual cheating) but we were only married two weeks! Also, I am a little bit over weight (size 10-12 jean) and I feel I will never be able to amount to that experience or give him what the stripper gave him because she was obviously smoking hot.

Anyways, I am desperate at this point because I love my husband so much but this is taking such a toll on me. (one last thing, when we were dating for about a year I found out early in the relation he had "sexted" an ex a few times. It was very short but I found out 9 months later when I was using his computer and she popped up. I forgave him and two years later we were married.

I am just worried that lying and this lying means I married someone who is dishonest and I am just fooling myself to think he has changed).
Please give me insight on "husband touching stripper" (I am desperate)?
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