What do you do to socialize?

So after a decent amount of reflection, I've discovered my #1 problem in not having relationships is not that I'm especially undesirable, not super rude (I hope not, anyway), that I'm not "pushy" enough, or dislike cold opens.

It's pretty much just raw lack of exposure. Most of my hobbies are home hobbies, and I don't feel the need to get out much unless it's for something specific like work or having specific friends to visit.

Well most of my friends moved away or had kids. So I'm not exactly out and about much. And now that I've entered my 30's, I'll need to change something because I feel like everyone was snatched up and paired off in their 20's and I missed the memo.

How can I get out again? I don't get a lot from museums, parks, etc when I'm on my own, because I feel like I only feel things if I can bounce those feelings off someone else. And frankly, I want to do a lot of travel but even that feels pointless alone.

When you're single, where do you go to rebuild your social network?
What do you do to socialize?
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